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ByOussama Metatla Mar 12, 2017

Awards | The 2017 Algerian Paper of the Year Awards

Producing scientific work that pushes the boundaries of science is an intensive process that requires rigorous planning, hard work, commitment an

ByIbrahim Chegrane Mar 8, 2017

Thesis | Approximate String Matching: Theory and Applications

Research filed(s): Text Algorithms, String Algorithms Thesis title: Approximate String Matching: Theory and Applications Degree: Ph.D in Com

ByOussama Metatla Feb 11, 2017

Interview | Dr Yasmine Amhis laureate of the Grand Prix Jacques Herbrand in Physics

Inspire Magazine speaks to Dr Yasmine Amhis, researcher at the Linear Accelerator Laboratory (LAL) in Orsay, a joint unit of the National Institu

ByOussama Metatla Jan 20, 2017

آراء | عن إفشاء الثقافة العلمية في المجتمع الجزائري

تعتبر القدرة على إيصال المعلومة التقنية لغير ذوي الإختصاص من المهارات المهمة ا

ByOussama Metatla Dec 2, 2016

Interview | Winners of the 2016 Algerian Paper of the Year Awards in Computer Science & Engineering

Inspire Magazine speaks with Dr Omar Rafik Merad Boudia, Assistant Professor at the University of Oran 1 Ahmed Ben Bella, and Affiliated Researc

ByFares Djafri Oct 10, 2016

Feature | Issues and Challenges in Introducing Islamic Insurance (Takaful) Into the Algerian Financial Market: Lessons from Malaysia

The Islamic insurance sector or Takaful has seen remarkable global growth in many major markets, especially in Muslim dominated countries. Howeve