Contribute to Inspire Magazine

Inspire Magazine was established in 2012 as the online magazine for, the algerian network for academics, scientists and researchers. Inspire Magazine covers topics in academic, scientific and professional knowledge and aims to promote and inspire the work of Algerian scientists, researchers and practitioners across the globe with a particular emphasis on building bridges between peers inside and outside of Algeria.

Who is behind it?

Inspire Magazine is run and maintained on a voluntary basis without external funding by a dedicated and growing editorial team of Algerian scientists.

Oussama Metatla

Associate Editors:
Romaissa Asme Boussahel
Abderrezzaq Soltani
Sumaia Mashal

Why are we running it?

Inspire Magazine aims to contribute towards promoting this spirit of participatory work for the advancement, accessibility and exchange of scientific, academic and professional knowledge. We strongly agree with the idea that this endeavour must develop organically from within the community rather than be merely handed down by institutions.

How can you contribute?

Inspire Magazine strives to promote you, your opinions and your work. It is your channel to engage with your peers and with the wider public to communicate the excitement of your work. We invite you to submit your success stories and articles, your latest results, expert opinion and updates about your ongoing projects and more. To find out about how you can contribute please consult the Submissions & Process page.

Inspire Magazine is open to everyone and accepts contributions from all academic, scientific and professional disciplines in the forms listed below.  All contributions should be emailed to as a text file or a Word document unless otherwise specified or alternative arrangements have been agreed. If you have an idea that you wish to write about and you are not sure how to start please contact the editors who will be more than happy to discuss how your idea can be realised.

General Guidelines

All contributors should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The content of the contributions may be original or based on material previously published in academic venues, in both cases it should be (re)written for a broader audience and should not exceed 2000 words unless otherwise specified. Please contact the editors if you wish to write a longer piece.
  • If your contribution includes photos or illustrations, then please make sure that you have permission to use them and that you acknowledge their sources. Inspire Magazine will not publish pictures which do not include sources or violate copyrights.
  • We encourage you to include hyperlink words in your contribution (which we prefer over footnotes and references), please include a list of your links together with your contribution.
  • Please include a list of tags/keywords to highlight what your contribution is about.
  • All submitted contributions will be subject to Inspire Magazine‘s Copyright & Contributions policy. In particular, reasonable or necessary changes to the contributed material will be applied before it appears in Inspire Magazine in order to fit the magazine’s style and presentation.
  • Contributions should be submitted in English, but please do contact the editors prior to submission if you wish to send a contribution in another language to discuss arrangements.
  • Bear in mind that Inspire Magazine is not a scholarly journal and authors should strive to write in a professional magazine style with an informative, direct and inclusive tone while avoiding or limiting jargon and technical phrases.

Types of Contributions

The list below is not exhaustive, please do contact the editors if you have ideas about submitting other types of contributions (e.g. illustrations, photography, graphics, documentaries, etc). Please specify the type of contribution you wish to submit to in the email header when you contact the editors.

Feature articles 

Feature articles may address a topic from any scientific, academic or professional discipline and may be submitted at any time. The length of feature articles should not exceed 2000 words, photographs and graphics may be included but you must ensure that you have permission to use them. See example Feature article here.

Tips – Use this type of contribution to introduce your area of research or work, or other fundamental aspects of your field, to review existing work, paper or book, discuss your latest results or ongoing projects, or to introduce your research institute and research team. Try to be informative and inspirational, bringing out the excitement of your work and your thoughts, but avoid jargon, Inspire Magazine‘s readership is broad so not everyone will be familiar with your field of expertise and technical language.


Beyond labs and universities, scientific and professional knowledge is surrounded by a variety of issues and debates that have direct impact on the work of scientists, researchers and practitioners, from societal to political issues and beyond. This form of contribution provides you with a space to voice your opinion and to start discussions about such issues. See example Opinion articles here.


This type of contribution focuses on interviewing scientists, researchers and practitioners from academic and non-academic settings with the aim of learning about their work and experience. You may conduct the interview yourself or suggest individuals you would like Inspire Magazine to interview, for example someone at your institution. In both cases you should contact the editors prior to sending your contribution in order to discuss the details. See example Interviews here.

Events Reports

Have you recently attended or organised an interesting event, conference or workshop? This type of contribution provides you with a space to report on such events and tell everyone about their highlights, to share your impressions and thoughts about their content and to reflect on their outcome. See example Event Reports here.


This type of contribution is dedicated to promoting research conducted as part of academic dissertations. Being able to explain your research and articulate your contributions to your field to both experts and non-experts is an important skill. Junior researchers and postgraduate students are therefore particularly encouraged to submit to this category of contribution. This is your opportunity to use Inspire Magazine as a venue to reach your peers and the wider public while improving your writing and communication skills. Contributions of this type should be between 600 and 800 words and may include technical terms and phrases. See example Thesis Article here.

Tips – Structure your contribution by answering the following questions: Where are you undertaking/did you undertake your thesis research? What is the working title of your thesis? What is your thesis about? How did you get into this research? Why is it important? What is your contribution to your field of research?

Editorial Process

The selection of topics that appear in Inspire Magazine are determined by our contributing authors, who help set out the editorial direction of the magazine by choosing which topics are interesting, compelling and innovative to write about.

Once you decide to write for Inspire Magazine, we suggest you get in touch with the editors who will help you focus your topic, or suggest a topic for you to write about if you are not sure how to contribute. The editors will also provide you with whatever assistance you need in terms of developing your ideas, editing, translation, etc.

Once your idea is developed and focused you can submit a draft anytime by sending an email to magazine [at] anasr [dot] org including:

  • Your article as a text file or a Word document.
  • Any other material such as pictures, illustrations or videos.
  • A short biography.

Your submission will then go through several rounds of editing and, where appropriate, a peer review. If your submission matches the standards we expect, we will work with you through any reasonable changes and necessary adjustments, after which your contribution is ready to be published.

We will then ask you to send us full biographical details which we will use to fill in the authors information. This should include your name (or how you would like it to appear in the magazine), your title and affiliation, your field of expertise, and (optionally) a headshot. The biography should not exceed 80 words.

Remember that Inspire Magazine is not an academic journal nor a blog, and we would like the style of published contributions to reflect this. What this means is that contributions should strive to be jargon free and follow an informative expository style without being overly informal.

If you have any queries or are ready to contribute to the magazine, please contact the editors.