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ByOussama Metatla

The 2017 Algerian Paper of the Year Awards

Producing scientific work that pushes the boundaries of science is an intensive process that requires rigorous planning, hard work, commitment and creativity as well as a scientific culture and infrastructure that support and maintain these efforts. Recognising and celebrating contributions that advance scientific knowledge are therefore essential to nurturing and maintaining successful research environments. To this end, anasr.org has launched the Algerian Paper of the Year Awards, an annual award to recognise and celebrate scientific publications produced from Algerian universities and research centres. This year, the awards are dedicated to the following research disciplines: Read More

ByOussama Metatla

Interview | Winners of the 2016 Algerian Paper of the Year Awards in Physical Sciences & Mathematics

Inspire Magazine speaks with Prof Larbi Bouamama Professor of Optics at the Applied Optics Laboratory, Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Ferhat Abbas University of Setif. Prof Bouamama is co-author on the paper entitled “Two beams two orthogonal views particle detection”, which won the 2016 Algerian Paper of the Year Award in Physical Sciences & Mathematics.  Read More