Awards | The 2017 Algerian Paper of the Year Awards

Awards | The 2017 Algerian Paper of the Year Awards

Producing scientific work that pushes the boundaries of science is an intensive process that requires rigorous planning, hard work, commitment and creativity as well as a scientific culture and infrastructure that support and maintain these efforts. Recognising and celebrating contributions that advance scientific knowledge are therefore essential to nurturing and maintaining successful research environments. To this end, has launched the Algerian Paper of the Year Awards in 2013, an annual community-led award to recognise and celebrate scientific publications produced from Algerian universities and research centres.

In this fifth edition of the Algerian Paper of the Year Awards, we received a total of 251 paper in four categories of nominations:

  • Life Sciences, including the following fields:
    • Biology / Physiology/ Molecular Genetics/ Microbiology / Immunity / Medicine / Public Health / Plant Sciences / Pharmacy / Chemistry / Veterinary Sciences 
  • Computer Science & Engineering, including the following fields:
    • Computer Science / Electrical / and Electronic Engineering / Aerospace / Civil / and Mechanical Engineering
  • Humanities & Social Sciences, including the following fields:
    • Linguistics / Literature / Education / Translation / Cultural Studies / Economics / Anthropology / Political Science
  • Physical Sciences & Mathematics, including the following fields:
    • Physics / Geology / Earth and Atmospheric Sciences / Mathematics

The paper came from a total of 37 university and research from across Algeria:

Selection process

As usual, we followed the same selection process as with previous editions of the awards, based on a typical peer-review process involving a three-stages process of initial filtering, then shortlisting and reviewing where each paper is evaluated by at least three experts in corresponding fields and marked on the basis of scientific excellent, originality, rigour and potential impact. One paper and 4 Honourable mentions in each category of nomination were chosen on this basis.

Here is a more detailed overview of this year’s edition of the awards:

Winners and Honourable Mentions of the 2017 Algerian Paper of the Year Awards

Physical Sciences & Mathematics

Prof Nidhal Guessoum, Professor of Physics at the American University of Sharaj in the UAE, announced the winning paper in Physical Sciences & Mathematics, which went to:

Boudjemâa, Abdelâali. “Collective modes of a one-dimensional trapped Bose gas in the presence of the anomalous density.” Physical Review A 94.5 (2016): 053629.

The papers receiving an Honourable Mention in this category of nominations, in no particular order, are:
  • Lahmar, Halla, et al. “Effect of the thickness of the ZnO buffer layer on the properties of electrodeposited p-Cu 2 O/n-ZnO/n-AZO heterojunctions.” RSC Advances 6.73 (2016): 68663-68674.
  • Mostafa, Laoues, Khelifi Rachid, and Sidi Moussa Ahmed. “Comparison between beta radiation dose distribution due to LDR and HDR ocular brachytherapy applicators using GATE Monte Carlo platform.” Physica Medica 32.8 (2016): 1007-1018.
  • Chebaki, E., et al. “Improved analog/RF performance of double gate junctionless MOSFET using both gate material engineering and drain/source extensions.” Superlattices and Microstructures 92 (2016): 80-91.
  • Ziadi, Raouf, Abdelatif Bencherif-Madani, and Rachid Ellaia. “Continuous global optimization through the generation of parametric curves.” Applied Mathematics and Computation 282 (2016): 65-83.

Life Sciences

Prof Yassine Amrani, Professor of Respiratory Immunology at the University of Leicester in the UK, announced the winning paper in Life Sciences, which went to:

Bouzidi, Amira, et al. “Association between MDR1 gene polymorphisms and the risk of Crohn’s disease in a cohort of Algerian pediatric patients.” Pediatric research 80.6 (2016): 837-843.

The papers receiving an Honourable Mention in this category of nominations, in no particular order, are:
  • Mohamed, Faez Amokrane Nait, and Fatima Laraba-Djebari. “Development and characterization of a new carrier for vaccine delivery based on calcium-alginate nanoparticles: Safe immunoprotective approach against scorpion envenoming.” Vaccine 34.24 (2016): 2692-2699.
  • Tebaibia, Amar, Mohammed Amine Boudjella, Djamel Boutarene, Farouk Benmediouni, Hakim Brahimi, and Nadia Oumnia. “Incidence, clinical features and para-clinical findings of achalasia in Algeria: Experience of 25 years.” World journal of gastroenterology 22, no. 38 (2016): 8615.
  • Masdoua, N., L. Boublenza, H. Hassaine, J. Ngou, A. Nahet, M. Segondy, F. Razik, D. Regagba, N. Sadouki, and D. Mouhammedi. “Characteristics of HPV infection in women at risk in Western Algeria.” Medecine et maladies infectieuses 47, no. 1 (2017): 38-41.
  • Masmoudi M. B., Chaoui L., Topçu N. E., Hammami P., Kara M. H. and Aurelle D. (2016), Contrasted levels of genetic diversity in a benthic Mediterranean octocoral: Consequences of different demographic histories?. Ecology and Evolution, 6: 8665–8678

Humanties & Social Sciences [Coming Soon!]

Dr Malika Rahal, historian at the Institut d’Histoire du Temps Présent, French National Centre for Scientific Research, announced the winning paper in Humanities & Social Sciences, which went to:

رضا زواري ، جمالية التناص ومظاهر التعلق النصي في روايات واسيني ا عرج (رمل الماية انموذجا). مجلة العلوم الإجتماعية ، العدد ٢٢ ، ص٨٨

The papers receiving an Honourable Mention in this category of nominations, in no particular order, are:
  • عبد اللاوي محمد إبراهيم ، دورالجامعة فيم واكبة التنمية في الجازئر: الواقع والطموحات. العدد ١١ من مجلة بحوث، مركز لندن للإستشارات و البحوث في الشارقة
  • سعيد فاهم، نحو معجم لساني حاسوبي عربي- قراءة في المنهج والإجراء – مجلة مجمع اللغة العربية على الشبكة العالمية، العدد ١٢، ص٤٢٥-٤٥٠
  • Djilali, B., Sarra, B., & Abdesselem, B. (2016). Proposal of a new model for the Algerian companies to measure the effect of intellectual capital on organizational performance. International Journal of Business and Administrative Studies, 2(5), 129-142.
  • Sehili, Farida, Youcef Chennaoui, and Said Madani. “The Hqdil Method to Assess the Sustainability of an Historic Center Case of Mansourah K’bira (Algeria).” Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences 216 (2016): 570-577.

Computer Science & Engineering

 Prof. Kamal Youcef-Toumi, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT, announced the winning paper in Computer Science & Engineering, which went to:
Boudaren, Mohamed El Yazid, and Wojciech Pieczynski. “Dempster–Shafer fusion of evidential pairwise Markov chains.” IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems 24.6 (2016): 1598-1610.


The papers receiving an Honourable Mention in this category of nominations, in no particular order, are:

  • Chakri, Asma, Rabia Khelif, Mohamed Benouaret, and Xin-She Yang. “New directional bat algorithm for continuous optimization problems.” Expert Systems with Applications 69 (2017): 159-175.
  • Ouchen, Sabir, Achour Betka, Sabrina Abdeddaim, and Abdelkrim Menadi. “Fuzzy-predictive direct power control implementation of a grid connected photovoltaic system, associated with an active power filter.” Energy Conversion and Management 122 (2016): 515-525.
  • Fezza, Sid Ahmed, and Mohamed-Chaker Larabi. “Perceptually driven non-uniform asymmetric coding of stereoscopic 3D video.” IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (2016).
  • Karabadji, Nour El Islem, Hassina Seridi, Fouad Bousetouane, Wajdi Dhifli, and Sabeur Aridhi. “An evolutionary scheme for decision tree construction.” Knowledge-Based Systems 119 (2017): 166-177.


The laureates will be awarded a commemoration plaque bearing the name of the authors, the paper’s title and the year of the award. Additionally, each author on the winning and honourable mentions papers will receive a certificate. The winners from each discipline will also be given the excellent opportunity to be featured in an exclusive interview on Inspire Magazine, the first Algerian magazine dedicated to scientific outreach in english, to discuss and further disseminate their work. Most importantly, the winning and honourable mention papers would receive the recognition, celebration and further dissemination of their work by the wider community of academics and scientists worldwide.

Previous laureates of the Algerian Paper of the Year Awards have used this recognition to forge new collaborations, including research visits to the US, and to boost their academic profiles back home.

Why you should enter the awards competition?

The Algerian Paper of the Year Awards offer an opportunity to promote your work whether you are a runner up or the ultimate winner in your discipline. Your work will be reviewed by high caliber experts in your field of research from renowned universities and so will benefit from a constructive reviewing process. An article about all the finalists will appear on Inspire Magazine and the follow-up interviews will further promote the work of the awards laureates to national and international readership, therefore increasing the recognition and visibility of their work, its impact, and open up avenues for potential collaborations with peers from around the world.

Thanks and Gratitude

As with previous editions, it has been a long but a very satisfying process for us, and an absolute pleasure to receive all these papers and to explore and discover the many wonderful work done by our colleagues in Algeria. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who nominated their papers for this year’s edition of the Algerian Paper of the Year Awards, everyone who helped with shortlisting and reviewing, and everyone who helped with donations, and we hope that you continue to be support and it’s future initiative.

We wish everyone the very best,

The 2017 Awards Organisation Committee:

  • Dr Malik Bashir, University of Biskra, Algeria
  • Dr Anissa Daoudi, University of Birmingham, UK
  • Mr Hamza Labiad, University Rennes 1, France
  • Dr Manal Mehibel, University of Stanford, USA
  • Dr Lamia Mestek, University College London, UK
  • Dr Oussama Metatla, University of Bristol, UK
  • Dr Samir Rihani, Huawei Technologies, UK
  • Dr Souryana Yassine, University of Tizi Ouzou, Algeria

All inquiries should be addressed to:

About the Author

Oussama Metatla administrator

Dr. Oussama Metatla is an EPSRC Research Fellow at the Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol, specialising in Human-Computer Interaction. He is co-founder of and founder and editor-in-chief of Inspire Magazine.

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