Inspire Magazine was established in 2012 as the online magazine for anasr.org, the algerian network for academics, scientists and researchers. Inspire Magazine covers topics in academic, scientific and professional knowledge and aims to promote and inspire the work of Algerian scientists, researchers and practitioners across the globe with a particular emphasis on building bridges between peers inside and outside of Algeria.

Who is behind it?

Inspire Magazine is run and maintained on a voluntary basis without external funding by a dedicated and growing editorial team of Algerian scientists.

Oussama Metatla

Associate Editors:
Romaissa Asme Boussahel
Abderrezzaq Soltani
Sumaia Mashal

Why are we running it?

We believe in the universal character of knowledge and in the communal nature of the effort required to promote it. We also believe in striving to shape knowledge that embodies our values and serve the needs and concerns of our society.

We are convinced that the Algerian academician, scientist, researcher and practitioner have a pivotal role to play in shaping and articulating paths towards a prosperous future for Algeria in particular and the world in general. We therefore believe that a key aspect of fulfilling such a role is to engage positively with ones peers through a spirit of:

  • Openness: in sharing of information and interaction between peers.
  • Participation: in developing ideas and realising them in practice.
  • Cooperation: between individuals, groups and organisations who share the same aspirations.

Inspire Magazine aims to contribute towards promoting this spirit of participatory work for the advancement, accessibility and exchange of scientific, academic and professional knowledge. We strongly agree with the idea that this endeavour must develop organically from within the community rather than be merely handed down by institutions.

How can you contribute?

Inspire Magazine strives to promote you, your opinions and your work. It is your channel to engage with your peers and with the wider public to communicate the excitement of your work. We invite you to submit your success stories and articles, your latest results, expert opinion and updates about your ongoing projects and more. To find out about how you can contribute please consult the Submissions & Process page.