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Interview | Winners of the 2015 Algerian Paper of the Year in Biological Sciences

Inspire Magazine speaks with Dr Sofian Sedira from the Ceramic Laboratory at the University of Constantine 1 and lead author of the paper entitled: “Silver nanoparticles in combination with acetic acid and zinc oxide quantum dots for antibacterial activities improvement—A comparative study”, and which won the 2015 Algerian Paper of the Year Award in Biological Science. Read More

Interview | Artificial antibodies for self-testing technologies

Each year, MIT Technology Review 35 Innovators under 35 recognises the achievements of young innovators from both industry and academia whose work show potential to influence or profoundly transform their fields. In this year’s edition, Dr. Abdennour Abbas received an Honourable Mention for his research on artificial anti-bodies. Inspire Magazine spoke with Dr. Abbas about his invention and how it influences the field of diagnosis technology as well as its potential for contributing towards improving future healthcare systems. Read More