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Interview | Winners of the 2016 Algerian Paper of the Year Awards in Computer Science & Engineering

Inspire Magazine speaks with Dr Omar Rafik Merad Boudia, Assistant Professor at the University of Oran 1 Ahmed Ben Bella, and Affiliated Researcher at the Systems & Technologies of Information and Communication Laboratory, University of Tlemcen. Dr Merad Boudia is co-author on the paper entitled “A novel secure aggregation scheme for wireless sensor networks using stateful public key cryptography”, which won the 2016 Algerian Paper of the Year Award in Computer Science & Engineering.
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Thesis | Development of a wireless distributed neurostimulator for people with hemiplegia

Research fields:  biomedical signal processing and control, functional electrical stimulation, wireless body-centric networks, wireless control
Thesis title: Development of a wireless distributed three-channel stimulator system used for automated triggering of stimulation to enable coordinated task execution in stroke patients
Degree: PhD.
Supervisors: Prof. Ian Swain, Dr Jon Cobb Read More