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Interview | Winners of anasr.org’s 2013 Algerian Paper of the Year in Medicine, Pharmacy & Veterinary Sciences

Ms. Katia Abdelouhab is an Assistant Lecturer in immunology and biochemistry at the Department of Biological Sciences in the University of Ferhat Abbas, Setif where she is also currently pursuing a doctoral degree focusing on immunopathology and immunotherapy. She previously worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Houari Boumediene in Algiers, within the Cytokines and NOSynthase group. Inspire Magazine spoke with Ms Abdelouhab to find out more about her paper which won the prize of the 2013 Algerian Paper of the Year Award in the category of Medicine, Pharmacy and Biological Sciences. The winning paper is entitled “Mucosal intestinal alteration in experimental colitis correlates with nitric oxide production by peritoneal macrophages: Effect of probiotics and prebiotics” and can be accessed here. Read More