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Interview | Winners of the 2016 Algerian Paper of the Year Awards in Physical Sciences & Mathematics

Inspire Magazine speaks with Prof Larbi Bouamama Professor of Optics at the Applied Optics Laboratory, Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Ferhat Abbas University of Setif. Prof Bouamama is co-author on the paper entitled “Two beams two orthogonal views particle detection”, which won the 2016 Algerian Paper of the Year Award in Physical Sciences & Mathematics.  Read More

Interview | Winners of anasr.org’s 2013 Algerian Paper of the Year Award in Computer Science & Engineering

Dr. Nabil Belkhir is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Ferhat Abbas Setif 1, working in the area of surface treatment of optical components. He received a Bachelor degree in 1989, then obtained an engineering diploma in 1994 and a Master’s degree (Magistère) in 1997 in optics an precision mechanics from the same university. He successfully defended his PhD in 2008. Inspire Magazine spoke with Dr. Belkhir to find out more about his work which won him and his coauthors the prize of the 2013 Algerian Paper of the Year Award in the category of Computer Science & Engineering. The winning paper is entitled “Morphological behavior and wear of polyurethane pads used in glass polishing process” and can be accessed here.   Read More